This Year’s Hot Jewelry Trends

How do you know what’s hot and what’s not, in the world of jewelry for 2013?  Fashion magazines, the fashion network on pay television, the tabloids and Internet who’s-who in Hollywood websites are all excellent sources of information, when it comes to style.  And, anytime you can see and review what kind of trends they are strutting down the runway, at a fashion show, that’s bonus!  You will see it all, on the runway – everything from exotic silver jewelry. to see through clutch purses and beaded Camelot collars.  But, not everyone can get away with things like X Parker riding boots,  and chunky black onyx jewelry for women.Some individuals just don’t have the figure or the complexion, for certain fashions.  That’s when you need a supplier that can  furnish you with exactly what you need – what is befitting you – and all the while staying with what’s in fashion… If that is, you follow fashion.  Some people can wear anything and make it look like 1 million bucks and start a new trend!

Enter – South of Exotic

Even if you are not familiar with what’s in style and could use a little advice in that, and possibly other categories, there is something for everyone in the exclusive collection assembled, from world wide jewelry artisans at South Of Exotic.  Every piece of jewelry, included in their selection has been hand selected.  There are fashionable adornments made from semi-precious stones, stunning pieces of silver and more.  Yet every piece in the collection, still remains unique in its own right.  These expert artisans leave no – stone – unturned, when it comes to beautiful gems, such as lapis, tanzanite, tourmaline, Aquarian, Moonstone, Amber, Opal, quartz, topaz, Jade, onyx, amethyst, turquoise and more. These stones of only the highest quality, set in sterling silver are perfect examples of nothing less than custom-designed art and beauty.

Celebrities and Their Jewelry

Those familiar with the Twilight Saga may be wondering whether or not the now famously blinding silver and stone studded engagement and wedding rings belonging to Bella will be seen on the finger of Kristen Stewart should the rekindling romance between her and beau Robert Pattinson progress to the altar.  Lately she’s been seen with a stunning, but simple curl around silver colored bracelet with hearts at each end.  This amazing accessory speaks volumes, with its understated beauty.

Where to See the Most Expensive Exotic Jewelry

Though usually rented and insured, you can always be guaranteed to find the most stunning and exotic jewelry decorating the biggest stars in Hollywood, at none other than The Oscars.  Nothing less than $354,300 worth of jewels and platinum dripped from the form of Jennifer Garner this year; 1.5 million adorned Naomi Watts, and a mere $1 million worth of stunning jeweled accessories adorned Zoe Saldana.  You can rest assured that whether on the red carpet or at a nice romantic dinner, precious metals and semi-precious stones will never go out of style.  And, just in case the jewelry isn’t enough, there is always Kelly Osbourne’s 267 carat black diamond infused nail polish, from last year.  That single manicure set her back a measly $250,000.   And, if you’re into utilitarian jewelry there was the 2011 bracelet/watch adorning the wrist of Amy Adams, that retailed at a shocking $1.025 million, made from Emerald, diamonds and platinum.  With sterling silver being so much more affordable than platinum, isn’t it a relief that you can buy unique, exotic custom jewelry for nowhere near that price?

It’s Not the Oscars But It Is the Golden Globes

Jodie Foster made a big splash this year, with her shocking (as if) announcement and the exquisitely blinding bracelet worn on her left wrist.  Bracelets are in fact, all the rage in 2013, because in addition to Jodie Foster… Megan Hilty, Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel,  Jessica Chastain, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore and  (‘you really like me’) Sally Field showed off everything, from the simplest to the most glamorous, elegant and sophisticated wrist adornments.   The fashion statement here, aside from the fact that bracelets are clearly where it’s at, was that 95% of them involved a silver colored precious metal and diamonds or some other semi-precious stone.  Not gold colored… Silver.

When is jewelry not exactly jewelry?  When it’s an entire dress, as worn by Selena Gomez at the Golden Globes.  Her earrings however, did somehow managed to match the rest of the highly metallic and bejeweled dress, which very nearly bordered on elegant body armor.  Kristen Bell gave Ms. Gomez a run for the money,  decked out in more (appliquéd) icicles (consisting of precious metals and jewels) than Santa Claus’s beard on Christmas Eve.

Fashion in Music

We’ve got one more stop to see what the big names are wearing and that would be none other than music’s Grammy Awards.  Country music’s darling Carrie Underwood is so pretty all by herself, that she rarely needs assistance.  But, her dazzling, sparkling necklace was without a doubt one of the most often mentioned articles of jewelry worn at the awards.  Not surprisingly it contained round white, marquise, pear, and oval diamonds.  This 29 year old piece boasted 381 carats and was worth an utterly unimaginable price tag of $31 million.  Who wears $31 million out of the house?  Cute as ever however, when asked how she felt about wearing the necklace she adorably replied “I’m afraid someone is going to tackle me and steal it.”

Elsewhere at the Grammys, an off the shoulder Oscar de la Renta dress was complemented by earrings made from black jade, amethyst, emeralds and diamonds in platinum… drawing just enough attention to that one silky, exposed shoulder of Jessica Biel, wife of Justin Timberlake.  And, former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland reminded us, that huge emeralds go well on both earrings and matching rings.

Knowing full well that few of us can afford the fashions worn by the stars, be it jewelry, dresses, shoes or even clutch purses… It’s good to know that there are places like South of Exotic, where incredible silver and semi-precious stones are available, in unique and one-of-a-kind, handcrafted styles for both men and women, young and old.  Some styles are timeless… and thankfully, quality can now be attainable and affordable.

Ten Tips for Choosing Mother’s Day Jewelry

No one understands unconditional love better than our Mothers. Moms have the most difficult, yet most fulfilling jobs on the planet.  This Mother’s day remind your Mom just how special she is to you. Show her that you love her and appreciate everything that she does for you.  This year, check out and you will discover the most unique silver and gemstone jewelry gifts for your Mother’s Day surprise. Here are ten tips to help you pick a gift this Mother’s Day that she will love forever:

1. Remember that, at South of Exotic, every piece of jewelry is a handmade work of art, a gift straight from your heart to hers.

2. What is mom’s favorite color or her favorite gem?Get her something in sapphire blue, coral red or jade green but remember that many gems come in a variety of shades to suit her specific personality.

3. Where was mom born? Where has she lived? Many states have an official gem, so remind her of Texas every day with a blue topaz, Oregon with a sunstone or West Virginia with a chalcedony.

4. When was mom born? Some will tell you birthstones are a tired cliché. They are not cliché, from a January garnet to a December zircon, they are the classics!

5. How often does she wear jewelry? Consider a ring or set of earrings for everyday wear; choose a bracelet or necklace for special occasions.

6. How old are you? Many traditional wedding anniversary gifts are gemstones; why not pick one that honors her many years of loving you?

7. Has mom always wanted to travel? Bring that exotic dream vacation home to her (or remind her of one she has already taken) with fine jade or oriental pearls.

8. Get something exciting – something not all her friends are already wearing – something with a tiger-eye opal, a brilliant turquoise or an amazing rainbow jasper.

9. Working on a tight budget? Aren’t we all these days! Stone and silver jewelry is far more affordable, and just as beautiful, as gold or platinum settings.

10. Be sure to include the discount code SOEPR1 for 20 percent off your Mothers Day order at South of Exotic!


“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” Unknown



South Of Exotic Mother’s Day

This Mother’s day remind her of just how special she is to you. Don’t forget to place your order soon to be delivered before Mother’s Day. Today we have a special gift for you. Get 20% off at You can get any piece of Artisan Jewelry from our website with this discount code SOE20YCD. Give to your mom this year a beautiful piece of jewelry. It will apply until this Sunday 18 April.

Oscar Envy – The Gowns, The Gems, The Glamour

With the Oscars behind us, it’s fun to look back at some of the nights most glamorous dresses, and better yet , the beautiful jewelry that was adorned on the stars. Whether Hollywood’s A-Listers chose to don sparkling metallic gowns like Halle Berry and Naomi Watts,  shimmering nudes like Jessica Chastain, or Winter frost whites like Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kristen Stewart, the jewels that they accessorize with are as much of a fashion statement as the dress itself.

Stars like Jennifer Garner made a statement with necklines covered in diamonds, while Halle Berry kept it simple with a pair of black onyx earrings .Stars like Jennifer Garner made a statement with necklines covered in diamonds, while Halle Berry kept it simple with a pair of black onyx earrings .

The Oscar's Tendency

When you are going out for a special night on the town, headed to a black tie affair, a ball, or a high profile fundraiser, how do you decide what to wear for your special evening. Choosing the perfect jewelry to accessorize your attire for a glamorous evening can be difficult. We all know that diamonds go with everything, but diamonds are not a realistic option for everyone. Besides, it’s fun to add a little color to and pizazz to your formal attire. You can really make a modest gown glow with the right jewelry and you can perfectly compliment a more risqué gown with understated elegance and dainty jewelry.

Regardless of the color or style of your gown, here are a few great natural gemstones that will liven up your look and perfectly accessorize you for an evening of glam, without breaking the bank.

Opal jewelry is one of my personal favorites for an evening out on the town. With the variations in the color and the intensity with which the stone sparkles, opal jewelry can work with any color combination that you may want to wear. For the perfect pop of fire, try pairing a cluster opal necklace with a matching opal bracelet and there is no need to overdo it with more jewelry. Understated elegance is always a win win. Maria Menounos would have looked great accessorized with fire opals in her pink Romona Keveza gown.

Quartz jewelry works perfectly with many hues. Pale pink rose quartz can be an elegant addition to both lite and dark toned gowns. Two actresses that could have easily paired quartz jewelry with this years Oscar gowns are Silver Linings Playbook actress Jennifer Lawrence with her winter frost white gown, and Les Misérables actress Samantha Barks with her plunging neckline, black gown. A beautiful quartz necklace could have worked well with both of their gowns, as different as they were.

Larimar jewelry would have added some additional fire to Kelly Rowlands asymmetrical Donna Karan Atelier gown. A pair of chunky larimar earrings could have been the perfect addition to her gown and nicely framed her facial features as well.

  Onyx jewelry would have been perfect with Jennifer Aniston’s red Valentino gown this year. An onyx necklace and onyx bracelet could have added the perfect pop of black and shiny to Jennifer’s gown. We all know that black and red go great together.

What would you wear if you were attending the Oscars? How would you choose to accessorize? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments


Black, Red And White – A Color Combination That Always Looks Great

Red and Black Outfit

You can’t go wrong when you pair red, black, and white to create the perfect ensemble. Today we have put together a classic look that can easily transition from the office to an evening out on the town.The color block top and skirt is tied together with the perfect red patent leather pumps and handbag, and completed with an elegant yet understated Onyx Necklace and matching Onyx Earrings. Red, Black and White are the this week South Of Exotic trend setters and a perfect match for Onyx Jewelry.


How do you like this ensemble? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

A Romantic and Fashionable Date Night Ensemble

Today’s fashion inspiration is in light of Valentines Day approaching soon. We have put together the perfect date night ensemble. Romantic, yet fashionable, with the perfect touch of pizzazz. Our date night ensemble features:

South Of Exotic - Rhodochrosite, Pink Topaz, and Fossil Coral Statement Necklace  $342

South Of Exotic – Pink Opal Cocktail Ring – $110.40

Halston Heritage – Ruffled Silk-Georgette Dress – 501.54

Alexander Wang – Textured Leather Fold Over Clutch – 490

Brian Atwood – Maniac Patent Leather Platform Pumps – 455

South Of Exotic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 each year, is the day to spread the love and exchange affectionate gifts to one another.

This year, make it a Valentine’s Day she’ll remember for years to come. Step outside of the box of just roses and chocolates and surprise her. At South of Exotic you can find a customize gift for your special lady. If she likes Amethyst, Jade, Turquoise, Opal, Onyx gemstones, handmade Jewelry, Unique Jewelry, your piece of jewelry is Here

South Of Exotic wishes you a Happy Valentine’s day.

What has been your most unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift ?  Please share it with us and leave your comments below.




The Beauty Behind Jade Jewelry

Nicole is wearing a beautiful Halais Green Traditional Jade Necklace and Amanda is wearing a Copan Lavender Jade Necklace made in Guatemala by an Italian designer.

Have you ever wanted to know how to make Jade Jewelry? How about the meaning of and origin of jade gemstones? At South Of Exotic, fine silver and gemstone jewelry, you can learn about the traditional process of how our jade jewelry is custom made just for you. Our jade jewelry artisans in Guatemala will walk you through the process they follow to make our beautiful jade necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Jade jewelry is not only considered as beautiful gemstone, it also has a significant meaning for those with knowledge about it. Jade is an ancient stone, and an emblem of love. In China, if jade stone is carved into the form of a butterfly, it is seen as a powerful symbol used to draw love into your life. Jade is also used in some countries to bring money into your life and create a positive attitude towards it. Others believe that the Jade Stone is a protective amulet, guarding against accidents and misfortune.

In the pre-Columbian Mesoamerica period, Jade Stone was an uncommon and valued material. The Mayas, Aztecs and Olmecs of Central America also honored and admired jade and held its value above gold.  The only source, where Olmec and Mayans could obtain Jade Stone was in the Motagua River valley in Guatemala. The stones were extremely symbolic, and were often used in ideological practices and rituals. There are actually over 45 different colors of natural jade stones that can be found in Guatemala, making it a must travel to destination for jade lovers.

Central America and Asia were not the only places that place a deep symbolical meaning on the Jade stone. In ancient Egypt, Jade was venerated as a gem of love, inner peace, harmony and balance. Long ago in New Zeeland, jade was actually used for carving weapons;  a tradition which has continued till present day.

Whether you believe in jades symbolic meanings from different countries, or you simply love how the stones can spice up your wardrobe, we have the perfect jade jewelry designs for your unique style. Jade embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage, yet it also symbolizes the sensual woman.

Now that you have learned a little bit about the history and symbolism of jade, you will appreciate just how much care and effort goes into crafting each piece of jade jewelry that we carry– “Handcrafted from raw stone and silver into a beautiful work of art”. It is amazing to see how jade jewelry is made by our skilled artisans!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

The Trend Towards Silver and Gemstone Statement Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry trends this year, bigger is better; it’s all about how big of a statement your jewelry is making.  Recent jewelry trends spotted on the runway and the red carpet have made their way to custom jewelry boutiques, and long for a home in your jewelry chest.  From necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, jewelry designers have gotten very creative with silver and gemstone jewelry and statement jewelry pieces.  These bold pieces are being worn solo as true statement pieces that reflect the wearers’ individual taste and style. These boldly colored gems paired with shiny silver are guaranteed to add that additional wow factor to even the most casual wardrobe. With statement jewelry, there is no need to wear multiple pieces. Quite often, a necklace, bracelet or earrings alone can leave a lasting impression when paired with the perfect ensemble.

Another hot trend this year is the mixture of semi-precious gemstones paired with sterling silver vs. the traditional gold. In fact, silver is one of the brightest reflectors of any metal and can be polished to a high sheen that even platinum can’t achieve. Silver is a versatile metal that allows jewelers to make beautiful designs of the highest quality. Pair sterling silver with natural gemstones like opals, amethyst, topaz, jade and onyx, and you get beautiful pieces of jewelry that make a statement and will last a lifetime when properly cared for.

The best way to make a big statement with your jewelry is to invest into customized jewelry designs.  Women love to look and feel pretty, but they also want to stand out from the crowd. Many exclusive jewelry designers, such as South of Exotic, are specializing in custom jewelry designs that allow women to express their one of a kind personality. There is something special about wearing a truly unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry art. South of Exotic features genuine gemstone jewelry designs set in sterling silver. The stones are all natural, which offer a unique look to every piece since no one stone is exactly alike.

Jewelry pieces in addition to necklaces are making a big splash this year as well. Earrings are back in a big way along with layered wrist candy and cuffs. Weather studded with gems or a simple sheen of silver, the style of the jewelry that you wear speaks volumes for your personality and your unique style. What does your jewelry say about your style?

What are your favorite looks in jewelry today? Share your individual style with us below in the comments. Be sure to connect with us socially as well.

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Opal Gemstone from Canada

Canada is one of the many countries where you can extract Opal stone. Each piece of opal stone is unique; it is well characterized because of its rainbow of colors. On this video you will see how miners get this gorgeous stone from their Canadian mines, how from a normal rock you can get such a stunning gemstone, producing a special piece of jewelry and one of the most requested stones by women.