Handcrafted unique Stone and Silver Jewelry designs by artisans from around the world including Jade, Opal, Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst and Onyx jewelry sets.

Returns & Exchanges

All of our jewelry is handmade to order and shipped from across the globe. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for these pieces because they have been designed specifically for you. Our pricing would be much higher of our truly spectacular and unique jewelry pieces if we stored inventory. But our experience is not about mass production, it is about creating a special piece for you.

Remember, the jewelry piece you are purchasing is made with natural stone which naturally varies in color and detail. Each necklace or bracelet is handmade so natural variations will occur. The pictures on our website you see are a guide for our jewelry artisans but because of the nature of handcraft variations from pictures on the website will occur.

We do take quality very seriously and if there is some type of issue with your piece of jewelry please contact us at info@southofexotic.com and we will investigate and come to a resolution.