Handcrafted unique Stone and Silver Jewelry designs by artisans from around the world including Jade, Opal, Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst and Onyx jewelry sets.

Unique Jewelry

Jewelry must portray the inner person of an individual and if you purchase the run-of-the-mill jewelry out there you would not be able to stand out from the crowd. You need our unique jewelry. Let us now take a look at how we define "unique". 

We at South of Exotic travel the world and search for exclusive jewelry designs and whenever we spot something that makes our knees weak we make it a point to add it to our collection. Now, here is the real fun part: we offer unique jewelry to our customers directly from the local jewelry artisans from around the world (where the jewelry is native to). This allows our customers to truly own a unique jewelry piece right from the hands of our jewelry artisans.

Browse our website today and you will find a lot of different unique jewelry designs to choose from. You can also get consultation from us if you are not really sure what kind of jewelry would suit you best. You are a unique person, let your jewelry reflect that. Now, if jewelry really is a reflection of the personality of a person, it definitely has to reflect your character. See if you can connect with one of our pieces.

We have a wide selection of different kinds of jewelry on our website and you can get anything from stone jewelry to silver jewelry. We offer our collection of unique jewelry that we have accumulated while travelling the world. Because we offer handmade unique jewelry to order you may have to wait a couple weeks for your piece. But, it will definitely be worth it!